FlyCraft Leaked Footage

Get a sneak preview of the new game FlyCraft being built specifically for the BlackBerry Playbook! Built in under 1 month! If you’ve never heard of FlyCraft read about it from the developer

“I would like to announce the release of a new game called “FlyCraft” by the end of the month. After the warm welcome that the Blackberry community reserved for my last game “Pop Corny” that I ported from iOS, I promised that my next game will be a Playbook exclusive. FlyCraft delivers this promise.

FlyCraft is a game about crafting flying machines. You take up the role of Herbie, a chubby Ladybug, who is too bored to fly by himself and creates whatever wild contraption you can imagine to fly from one flower to the other. You get to utilize wood boards, steel plates, soda cans, firework rockets, propellers, and other wild items that you can combine in any creative way you can conceive. Will it fly or it will fall like a brick? There is only one way to know: throw it off a cliff!”


If nothing goes wrong we will be releasing the game exclusively for the BlackBerry Playbook during this week. Just in time for the Ludum Date October Challenge. Please help us spread the word on this so that as many as possible Playbook users will like the game can vote for it. We need this desperately as we are outnumbered by competing platforms.

All the best,
Harry and Thanasis