WYSIWYG Editor for Cascades

Back in May @alexkinsella put up a post on the BlackBerry Developer Blog about Cascades Builder an extension to the QNX Momentics IDE (integrated development environment). The post highlights how the tool helps developers be more efficient with things like Photoshop integration, source editing and live previews. In typical BlackBerry fashion the post doesn’t stop there, there are hints of things to come in future releases.

We are already working with visual editing; i.e. dragging component into a design canvas where you can layout and rearrange the user interface.

Earlier today Tim Neil, Director of Application Platform & Tools Product Management for RIM tweeted a response in regards to “visual editing”

We’re working through different tooling enhancements. I don’t have any timing to share on a WYSIWYG editor

If you don’t know what, WYSISYG stands for it’s, What You See Is What You Get. While we have no date as to when this tool will be available it’s nice to read about RIMs commitment to tooling. The better the tools the better the outcome, usually. With that said, being able to harness the power of the Cascades framework in a simple easy to use editor that doesn’t necessarily require tons of recompiling for small changes will be a huge time saver for developers. Goes to show just how seriously RIM is taking its developer support, not just about having the tools but having great tools. As BB10 approaches we can except more enhancements to the tools already available and new tools that will help broaden the scope to really give devs the power they need to help make BB10 a runaway success. I hope they make a similar editor for WebWorks!