Appesque is investing in BlackBerry 10

Appesque is a mobile development agency that’s primary focus is building native apps for various platforms like iOS, Android and BlackBerry 7. They’ve written up a piece on their website explaining why they are investing in BlackBerry 10. What’s interesting about the piece is that they are jumping into BB10 developement even through the platform hasn’t been relased yet. It seems Appesque is not the only one whose not buying all the doom and gloom reporting that’s gone on. They go on to discuss their philosophy in regards to app development and the state of mobile as they see it. With platforms “dying” every decadde. They choose to support BlackBerry 10 and Windows 8 platforms becasuse they are the most future proof.The piece is worth giving a read, and you can find it here

Some memorable quotes are

We waited until windows Phone was in the market for over two years before investing a dime, so why are we actively working on BlackBerry 10 now given that it’s not released, and seen by many as DOA (dead on arrival).

We’re actively investing brainpower in both WP8 & BB 10 today. We’re already scoping native BB10 apps for clients in Europe, in fact at this point BlackBerry 10 is ahead of Windows Phone in terms of the demand for apps we’re getting.