BlackBerry 10 Lockscreen Emulated in New Android Mod!


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The release of the new BlackBerry 10 devices is still a few month away, but one of the things that we have seen on the new BlackBerry Dev Alpha Devices, B and A, is the lock screen. It really is a great lock screen and I like the scrolling action of the BlackBerry Dev 10 alpha devices giving that “Flow” from the start. But a developer has made it possible for you to get this type of lock screen officially on your current Android device. Yes you know can upload the new BlackBerry 10 unlock screen effect onto your Android smartphone. This mod is for JellyBean and IceCreamSandwich users. Check out the video and hit the jump to get directions on how you can upload this to your Android Smartphone.

Instructions on installing the BlackBerry 10 “Flow” Lock Screen to Android Device:

How to : 1) Apply patch(diff) with resources. 2) Compile. 3) Done

*How to use patch : or my simple guide : about how to use this patch

* diff v1.1 : for Stock JZO54K : download for AOKP build 5 : download

* resources for HD(xhdpi) v1.1 : download




Source: XDA