Hostile Skies Game For Blackberry Smart Phones, New!

K2Media Labs let us know about their new game Hostile Skies. Fly the airplane and shoot other planes!

Game Description:

You’ll have to fight alone against the whole army of enemies. Shoot opponents’ aircrafts down, use bombs to crash the fleet. Be aware of kamikaze – fast planes, whose pilots don’t care about their lives to kill you!
To pass the level you must not only make short work of enemies, but show skills of a pilot and land the plane as well.
Try it now! Show the best you can do!

Main features:
• 2 game areas (land and seaside)
• 3 kinds of enemies (planes, kamikaze pilots, battleships)
• 2 types of weapons
• Well-engineered physics and behavior of enemies
• Enormous number of levels
• Simple control, easy to use both for right-handed and left-handed

Get it for free from Blackberry App World.