iPad Mini vs BlackBerry Playbook? Rene Ritchie weighs in

Rene Ritchie @reneritchie, has written up an interesting piece about Playbook in regards to current competition offerings and pricing. While he may be Editor-in-Chief of iMore his views are very impartial. He doesn’t say the PlayBook is a better deal than the iPad Mini, but he does offer his opinion in regards to the value propositions of both devices and he makes some damn good points. “While the iPad mini is indeed more expensive than the Google Nexus 7 or Amazon Kindle Fire HD, neither of them are the cheapest small form factor on the market, not even from a major mobile player.The BlackBerry PlayBook is.” 

Sure, the BlackBerry PlayBook isn’t the latest hardware anymore — it’s closer to the original Kindle Fire in specs than the Nexus 7 or any of this year’s Kindle Fires — but it’s scheduled to be updated to BB10 in 2013 and that looks to be a much more functional tablet experience than what Amazon offers, and something that could rival Android for not-Apple in not-Apple lovers’ hearts. Even the PlayBook as it stands today is arguably a better pure tablet experience than either the more-properly-defined-as-a-media-appliance Kindle Fire, or the “blown up smartphone” interface elements that still plague the Nexus 7.
And if you look around, you can find the Wi-Fi only version of the BlackBerry PlayBook on sale for only $150.

Below is an updated spec breakdown between the two tablets and a nice VERSUS write up here and here:


Lastly, in the words of Rene I’ll leave you with this:

Rene Ritchie on PlayBook

  • Paul D

    Your post is highly relevant to anyone considering a mini…. The playbook is way under rated.

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