Mippin Launches Their Latest App NewCard

Mippin has created a new app called newcard. It is currently in beta, ready to try out!

What is newcard?:

Stay connected

Elevate yourself from just being in the address book and let your contacts reach you more easily! With a business card app, you can have your own icon on the home screen of your colleagues and friends phones, and always be just one click away

Spread the word

Share your business card app instantly with your contacts, anyone you meet and on Facebook and LinkedIn. Your business card app even allows your contacts to pass on your details to others with a single click – great for super-charged word-of-mouth recommendations!

Never run out

Your business card app is always with you so no more worrying about getting caught without a card to share. What’s more, you can update your details anytime, and you’ll never run out!

Out with the old and in with the new. No more traditional business cards, this is a good way to use your smartphone for your business. It will definitely leave an impression. It also doesn’t matter what platform you are on and an app store is also not required for someone to download your business card.

Mippin is offering this for free in the beta phase.

Get started here.