Throttling Heads to MTN BlackBerry Internet Abusers Lookout!

Today, MTN has announced that they will be taking new steps to improve the internet quality for BlackBerry users and abusers. The internet abusers have been downloading large files and using way too much data. The data usage is well over MTN’s usage policies, This step is similar to what T-Mobile does when a customer uses more then their allotted 2 or 5GB plan. Once the customer reaches their data cap of 2 or 5 GB that customer is then throttled from 4G speeds to 3G speeds until there contract resets each month. By doing this MTN’s BIS performance should get a lot better.

They will be watching internet traffic and will throttle the speed down on users that exceed the regular parameters of browsing, emails, streaming and other services… Let us know what you think in the comments!


Via: N4BB



  • annoyed

    This is bullshit! You can’t get your customers used to something to only take it away. Data usage was never explained in the beginning! Now we can’t download e-mail attachments as we are paying for the sins of others. Rubbish!!!!