WorldCraft: Create your MineCraft World!

One of the most exciting and popular multiplayer games to play is MineCraft, one of the great things you can do is to build your own city and or universe within the game for others to visit and to see. Well now you can play the awesomeness of building your own Minecraft city landscape with WorldCraft, from SolverLabs! Create your world (like in “Creative” mode in Minecraft). Explore universes created by others. Random worlds. Build whatever you can dream of. Play in shared worlds with your friends!


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  • worldcraftman

    sense worldcraft got update and added a new game mode survival and new blocks:TNT,doors (wood,iron),diamond/emerald block,jukebox/jukebox without record,chest,furness,crafting table/workbench, book shelf, slabs. They also added new textures ex:new block textures like stone and ores textures from feed the beast texture pack that’s recommended and new tools texture from john smith texture pack for minecraft also new cave generation through out the world but sadly every world is the same. BUGS:half slabs placed by a wall will make you see through the wall also with half slabs can act as a ladder as you walk into it water will not stop from fall damage and can not float on water wooden tools get damaged and brake easier then in minecraft pc,minecraft pocket edition,X-Box edition. Redstone is close to impossible to find if or if not its in survival same with diamond and iron and ores can not be found most by digging mines your better off finding a cave and going in there if one cave spawns more will spawn the same with ores just scattered placing a door is the same if you place one block one high, trees do not decay over time and you cannot plant trees if the wood supply runs out you will have to adventure off to find more trees. Things we hope will be added saplings, flowers, large chest, farming supply’s and farming crops, slabs and doors to be fixed to not act as one block,flint and steel to light TNT, books, disks to put in the jukebox, redstone and redstone material, better crafting table texture, sand and gravel falling, building generations EX:npc villages, sandstone pyramids etc. nether or nether reactor from pocket edition and biomes and mountains, seeds like world generation and lots more hope you put my ideas to the test thanks for your time to read the list of things but hope this will be in worldcraft 🙂

  • wolfworrior

    Yeah i agree with u worldcraftman they should add all that and fix the glitches but also they should add uhmm furniture as well as uhmm like baby animals or bunnies and deer and some mobs and like texture packs also some like junggles and vines’n stuff ya know? Oh and wolves and cats and horses so u can tame them and stuff.

  • Justasking

    I can’t find redstone… I always end up getting redstone dust instead.. Why is that… I mean, i have almost what i need but there’s no redstone

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