Car Finder App For The Playbook, Lose Your Car In The Parking Lot No More

Car Finder would have been handy the last time I was at the mall. I had to walk around a few times to find my car. You probably think that you need data in order to use it but you don’t. The app uses GPS, with a compass to calculate the distance.

App Description:

Car Finder allows you to easily find your car in a crowded parking lot, or in the middle of a remote desert. You don’t need a data connection. There are no roaming fees, and Car Finder will also tell you the distance to your car. A blue pointer points directly towards your car. A small red circle shows the location of your car. A GPS calculates the distance to your car. 360 degree built in compass with 5 degree increments. Car Finder is inspired by instruments found in a sophisticated corporate jet. The focus is on clarity. Car Finder is precision software made by experienced software developers. It is among the finest car locator apps available. Safe travels!

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