App World Getting Overhaul in January 2013 – Here is What Devs Need to Know

Over the weekend RIM announced some very welcome changes coming to BlackBerry App World with a few specifics for developers. Every one of these improvements for developers will lead to a better experience for users. For example, RIM is making it easier to combine one application available for multiple device types (BB7, PlayBook, BB10, etc) into one SKU. This can help with upgrades when users move to BlackBerry 10 and quickly reinstall their favorites if available.

Better yet is RIM adding separate featured images, screenshots, and reviews/ratings for each platform so you can see screenshots and reviews just for your platform. RIM is also better integrating keywords and multi-language. This is also going to change the top rating lists which will be interesting.

Check out the DevBlog for more details and let us know what you think of the changes. I am also hoping that RIM has coupon codes figured out by then so we can do giveaways.

Source: BerryReview