The Jared Company to Offer Paid Apps for Free!

We just received an email from Steven over at The Jared Company, letting us know that they were going to start offering their long time special customers to start getting select paid apps for free from App World. Here is what Steven had to say: We will start by giving you access to some of our paid apps and may also be able to offer you great apps from other vendors.

It is best to get apps from App World so you can always get updates and easily reinstall them if you change devices or delete by accident.

The only way to give you paid apps is to have you purchase them and then we will refund you the total cost.

At this point we just want to make sure you would like to participate and there will be more details later on how it will work.

All you need to do now is get on the special list by clicking on this link :

You can always decide later it isn’t for you and opt out of that program (you will still get these notices from us about new apps).

Feel free to share this with your friends.s we are looking for some good feedback.  Please send me your comments directly at

Regards, Steven

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Let us know if you decide to sign up!