RIMM still a viable player in the telecom space, and its stock is dirt cheap

I bought 300$ worth of shares in RIMM back when stock was below 6 dollars. Today it’s floating with just under 9 dollars. And it’s been up in the low 9s recently. Which for me means even without BlackBerry 10 I’ve nearly doubled my investment. And when BB10 does release I can bet my investment will start soaring in value. Hop on the train, the fair market value of RIM when looking at its assets and profitability it closer to 11-12$ real market value. And today it’s at 8.50. This stock is a goldmine waiting to shell out its goods. Do not count RIM out, they have made impeccably smart aquistions such as QNX and TAT which will purport BB10 and bring the embedded giant QNX into millions of consumer hands Hit the link above to see just how powerful QNX is, and in the hands of RIM with their NOC infrastructure across the globe, how much more powerful the pair will be. The brand is 80 million strong up two million from the previous quarter. RIM is still in the games, says Seeking Alpha. If you don’t like my financial advice, do your own independent research. And as always don’t buy into a stock you’re not ready to loose all your money on. This is still a bet, one that will pay off in the long-term.