5 Days 5 Winners! Win a BlackBerry Remote Diagnostic

A great friend, BlackBerry Guru, BlackBerry Developer, Podcaster, Techie and more, Anthony Perdue, aka @BBSuperAbuser, has reached out to me to inform the NerdBerry World that he would like us to offer a cool, unique contest for all of you nerds out there in the interwebs! Have you ever sat there with a 507 error on your BlackBerry and didnt know what to do with it,  have trouble loading an application or still confused on how to back up your device? Well, look no further Anthony and NerdBerry are here to help you!

What is the contest for exactly?

BlackBerry Remote Diagnostics and Technical Support

Anthony and NerdBerry are offering five remote diagnostic sessions (a $55 value) for any issue you may have! Each day for the next five days we will choose one winner based on the issue they are having.

The 5 remote diagnostic services include a breakdown of problems found, suggested solutions, and recommendations for self-help resolutions. If the winner wishes to escalate the diagnostic to an incident (an $85 value), Anthony will charge $30*. The $30 adds 2 hours of labor to the incident.

Leave a comment with the issue you are having and if you win he will be in contact with you asap!

Good luck Nerds!