Thorsten Heins Says That Blackberry 10 Will Only Take “a one-minute sales pitch in a shop” For Potential Customers

Thorsten Heins spoke to the New York Times about the Blackberry 10 platform. He is so confident about Blackberry 10 that he is making statements about the platform:

” that the new phone’s advantages will be so apparent to customers that it will take only “a one-minute sales pitch in a shop” to win them over.”

He discussed one of the main features of BB10 during the 30 min presentation:

“On Monday, Mr. Heins focused on the integration of the usability of the software. A home button is needed on iPhones and phones using Google’s Android operating system, he said, because those operating systems require users to switch repeatedly between applications to perform different tasks. In contrast, BlackBerry 10 will consolidate bits of information and capabilities that are distributed through separate apps on current smartphones. BlackBerry 10’s messaging center, for example, can display Facebook updates, LinkedIn messages, texts and Twitter posts along with e-mails. In turn, BlackBerry 10 users will be able to use that hub, as an example, to reply to Facebook messages without opening their phones’ Facebook app.”

He talked more about other features such as the address book and business part. Read the full article over at New York Times.


  • One minute my hind end. I’ve sold over a dozen people with Android and iOS in under 10 seconds just using my Dev Alpha.