Wikitude launches Premium Edition, Ads free + Exclusive teleportation features

Wikitude GmbH is the creator of the world’s first mobile augmented reality (AR) platform and the company behind the internationally renowned Wikitude World Browser App for iOS, Android, BlackBerry and Windows Phone device. The Wikitude Premium edition is available exclusively to BlackBerry® handset owners and offers two unique features: The “Beam Me” world, and a 100% ad-free browsing experience. Thanks to the new “Beam Me” feature, you can get the entire local scoop and connect with other BBM users without ever having to leave home.  From finding the nearest café to exploring new and exciting places around you, Wikitude augments your world.  Now imagine the exact same functionality, but with no locational ties.

Feel like hanging out in Berlin today?  Want to see the Tweets from Tahrir Square? Beam yourself there!

With the “Beam Me” feature, you may now use all the features already available within Wikitude, including the exclusive BBM service, but place yourself anywhere on the map.

Got that killer business deal you’re about to close?   Impress the clients with your local knowledge before even touching down.  Want to brush up on your French?  Place yourself on the Champs-Élysées and connect with other BBM users around you.  Heading to Hawaii on the dream vacation?  Know about the “secret” overlook on the west side of Oahu?  Locals do.  And with the Wikitude “Beam Me” feature, so can you!

In addition to unlimited global teleportation, the Wikitude Premium edition also provides a 100% ad-free experience.  Say goodbye to banner ads, and hello to full screen augmented reality browsing!

The Wikitude Premium Edition is now available exclusively to BlackBerry® handset owners directly from the BlackBerry® App World for the low cost of $1.99.

NOTE: This is fresh news, with that said the app may not yet be live in your location, stay tuned!