Decoding Releases 3 BlackBerry 10 Games into BlackBerry World!

The developers from Decoding have released three BlackBerry 10 games into BlackBerry World. The three games are Pirates of Galaxy, Match Up Retro & Untangle Retro. They have five more games in the work for BlackBerry 10 as well. All three games have been developed using HTML5 :).


Pirates of the Galaxy is a retro style space shooter game for BlackBerry® 10. Captain Zolo and his crew are out on a journey in their flying ship to liberate planets from bad aliens. Embark on this magical journey and shoot out those alien space ships.
Download Pirates of the Galaxy 

Match up is a retro styled memory matching game. Test your memory with this radiant puzzle game!

Download Match Up Retro Pro

Untangle retro is a classic untangle puzzle game. The aim is to untangle all the wires. A complete interactive puzzle game!

Download Untangle Retro Pro