Boy burned by “exploding BlackBerry” in his bed – Family asks for recall of Curve 9320s

An 11 year old boy in the UK has suffered burns on his legs and feet after the spontaneous combustion of a BlackBerry curve 9320.  The new BlackBerry belonged to his brother, it engulfed his bed in flame when it combusted causing plastic to melt into his legs.

The family of the boy is obviously asking for something to be done, and they are mainly asking for the BlackBerry Curve 9320 devices to be pulled from the shelves before the holidays.

Kian McCreath said, “It was really scary. I woke up with my legs in a fire at the bottom of my bed. I’m also having problems sleeping at night.”

“You wouldn’t think something so small could do so much damage – my son could quite easily have died. It sends a shudder down my spine to think what could have happened,“ said Kian’s mother.

Both RIM and the local Trading Standards officials are looking into the incident. If RIM is told to pull the devices from the shelves it will be a blow to their UK holiday sales, as the Curve 9320 has just seen a price drop to below £100 on Pay As You Go plans.