Files & Folders for the BlackBerry PlayBook Gets a HUGE Update to v6.0

Innovatology has been hard at work adding tons of features and fixes to their application Files and Folders! One of the best featuures is you can now stream lots of video and audio files from the cloud!!!! This feature works with all of their cloud services as well as their built in media player. Hit the break to see what’s new.

What’s new in v6.0?

  • NEW! Built-in streaming media player:
    • Streams many video & audio files from the cloud!
    • Streamed media starts almost at once – no need to download first
    • Streamed media doesn’t take up space on your PlayBook.
    • Supported for all our cloud services: Dropbox, Box, Google Docs/Drive, SkyDrive, SugarSync
    • Plays back local media files too!
    • Optionally keeps the screen on during playback, configurable from the Settings screen.
    • Uses the PlayBooks audio & video playback engine with hardware decoding for best performance and battery life.
  • NEW! Added Locationscreen. Tap the path in the title bar of any folder to jump quickly to:
    • All your cloud services;
    • Your starred folders;
    • Recently visited folders;
    • Folders above the current folder.

    Of course you can still swipe down to access your cloud services & starred folders too.

  • NEW! You can now hide cloud services that you do not use in the Setting screen.
  • ENHANCED!Many Dropbox changes:
    • This version uses a new way to talk to Dropbox. The old mechanism will be discontinued by Dropbox soon.
    • As part of the new mechanism, we no longer ask for your Dropbox login details, but simply direct you to the Dropbox website to login and authorize access.
    • Maximum number of files per folder in Dropbox increased from 1000 to 25000.
  • ENHANCED! Improved thumbnailview:
    • Multi-select now works in thumbnail view, allowing for fast selection of photos. Tap the multi-select icon, then tap the green checkmarks to select or deselect images;
    • Thumbnail view now shows the file name below the image;
    • Thumbnail aspect ratio is now selectable from the Settings screen: square (1×1), regular (4×3) or Wide (16×9).
  • ENHANCED! Switching between detail, icon and thumbnail views is now done with a dropdown menu.
  • NEW! Option to disable animations from the settings screen.
  • ENHANCED! Visual feedback when searching inside subfolders.
  • ENHANCED! The online version of our Help feature has a Google Translate option.
  • ENHANCED! We now also publish a list of Frequently Asked Questions. Feel free to e-mail us if your question is not answered.
  • ENHANCED! Animations and screen transitions can now be disabled for better performance
  • FIXED! Could not create new folders in the Google Drive “My Drive” root.
  • FIXED! You can still store your doc, xls, ppt files on Google Drive, but Google has removed the ability to convert Google Docs files to Office 2003 formats (doc, xls, ppt). It can still convert to the new Office 2007 formats (docx, xlsx, pptx), and it can still convert from the old formats. Files & Folders has been updated accordingly and now defaults to the Office 2007 formats for converting Google Docs files. Please note that this was a decision by Google, not by us.
  • FIXED! Multi-select copy of folders from the cloud would sometimes create an incorrect folder structure.
  • Many other minor fixes and performance improvements.

Head on over to BlackBerry World for the update or to purchase it for $2.99. You can get a free trial as well!

Via: BerryReview