Project Zygote helps BlackBerry 10 Cascades apps open faster

The folks over at the BlackBerry DevBlog have added a new post that will benefit developers working with Cascades for their BlackBerry 10 apps. Developers have been asking for a method to make Cascades apps open faster since May.

For the majority of us layman this stuff doesn’t make a lot of sense, but it does mean that Cascades based BlackBerry 10 apps will be that much better at launch.

When a detailed performance analysis was conducted on a Cascades application while it was starting up, it was discovered that loading shared libraries was taking up the majority of time. Cascades uses a number of different Qt and platform-specific libraries, so this made sense. After some investigation, we learned that you can save a lot of time by pre-compiling these shared libraries into one library that could be pre-loaded. Thus, Project Zygote was born.

The method that RIM has developed is being called Project Zygote, and all the information and code for it can be found at the link below. So if you are a developer working with Cascades I suggest you give it a look.

Source:BlackBerry DevBlog