Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon Comes December 14th

So it’s now called Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon but that doesn’t really come as a surprise considering what is going down next month. Starting on Dec 14th, for 36 hours, there will be a porting party. Port your app from another OS to Blackberry 10. And the best part is, you don’t have to go anywhere to participate. Okay well actually the best part is the prizes. Read on for more details.

Different name, similar format

The All Aboard BlackBerry Port-A-Thon will start on December 14th, 2012 and will run for 36 hours. It is a virtual event, so you can log in from home or work, or even get some friends together for a porting party. Participate from wherever works, and our experts will be there virtually for the entire 36 hours to help you port or build BlackBerry apps for BlackBerry 10.

Once again, if you have questions or need help during the Port-A-Thon, you simply submit them and a BlackBerry dev expert will help you. Our BlackBerry dev gurus will also give presentations and share insider tips and tricks at various points over the 36 hours.

More great rewards are up for grabs

Develop a new application or port an existing app from any other OS besides BlackBerry 10 to the BlackBerry 10 OS using BlackBerry Webworks SDK or BlackBerry Native SDK, or Cascades for BlackBerry 10. The more you port and build, the greater your rewards*:

Get one or more apps approved – $100 per eligible app – a maximum of 20 paid applications
Get between five and ten apps approved – THE FIRST TWO HUNDRED (200) QUALIFIED PARTICIPANTS ONLY receive one (1) Dev Alpha Device in addition to other rewards

And finally (drum roll, please…)

Get more than 10 BlackBerry apps approved – $100 per app + one (1) BlackBerry Dev Alpha + FOR THE FIRST TEN (10) QUALIFIED PARTICIPANTS ONLY one (1) paid trip to BlackBerry Jam Europe to celebrate the launch of BlackBerry 10 with us!

Don’t forget: Getting prepared ahead of time is in your best interest

Since more apps ported and built means more rewards*, it makes sense to get a few things ready before you join the event. Here’s what you need:

Register for BlackBerry World if you haven’t already.
Request signature keys. Make sure that you select for BlackBerry PlayBook OS and BlackBerry 10 and higher. Downloading in advance is strongly recommended as the time involved to do so could prevent you from earning some rewards.
Load up your laptop with BlackBerry tools and plug-ins. Make sure you have your full source code file readily available too.
Make sure you have your images and icons ready to go.

We also have porting tips and guides you can use to get a head start at
Get on board

Get your apps into the BlackBerry World storefront before BlackBerry 10 launches. Register for the All Aboard BlackBerry Port-a-thon today!