T-Mobile is Ending Subsidies in 2013

With BlackBerry 10 devices to be announce within the next coming month carriers will be getting BB10 love. However T-Mobile’s CEO John Legere announced today that it will be ending phone subsidies in the year 2013! So if your are looking to getting the new BlackBerry 10 smartphones, note that you will be paying full price for the device, and not those typical $200 price discount that you normally get. Before you completely through your hands up and get ready to change carriers. T-Mobile will be offering the phones for a low as $100!

Then allowing you to finance the phone for the life of contract or 20 months or so. This could mean a better or worst deal for you when you plan to upgrade and or become a new T-Mobile customer.

T-Mobile Already currently offers is new “Value Plans” that offer savings if you buy your phone outright, or just used a preexisting device. In which T-Mobile doesn’t seem too concern about considering that 80 percent of its activations last quarter were for those Value Plans.

It will be interesting to see the move and how T-Mobile will be offering the new BlackBerry 10 devices with the changes to their subsidy plan. Remember Verizon changed its data plans but used subsidy to force its customers onto new data plans.

Let us know what you think of the subsidy move