Marmalade For BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon Starts Dec 13

Yesterday we mentioned the Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon. Well the Marmalade for Blackberry 10 Port-A-Thon starts December 13th and is actually in two part sessions. Marmalade experts will be there to help with porting apps over to Blackberry 10. So if you have any questions or trouble with porting, they can address those issues.

First session: December 13, 11.00 AM EST – 1.00 PM EST
Second Session: December 17, 11.00 AM EST – 1.00 PM EST

The Marmalade for BlackBerry 10 Port-a-thon is a 2-part webcast event dedicated to helping developers already on the Marmalade for BlackBerry programme launch their gaming apps onto BlackBerry 10. Marmalade now offers beta support for the BlackBerry 10 platform so developers now have the option to target both PlayBook AND the new platform, which is set to grow rapidly next year, and qualify for even better rewards. Since this is a virtual event, participating is simple and hassle free. Bring your existing PlayBook gaming apps or those that are in development but close to being completed and we’ll have Marmalade experts on hand to help you get your apps up and running.

The 2-part session means that you can join in for all or part of the first session; work on your apps over the weekend then join the second session if you want further help.

If you have questions, please feel free to submit them in advance to: We will do our best to address all questions submitted.

The more you port, the more you get!

Getting your apps into BlackBerry® App World before BlackBerry 10 launches means that you can be among the first to benefit from the universe of app-hungry customers out there. You’ll also get extra rewards for porting and building for BlackBerry 10.

If you submit your Blackberry 10 apps any time between the start of the first webcast on the 13 December and before the end of the second webcast on the 17 December, we will give you $100 USD for every approved gaming app you submit (up to a maximum of 20 apps). You’ll also receive a 12-month Marmalade Indie licence extension rather than 6-month, once your app is approved.

One-on-one support
Technical folks from Marmalade will be on hand for both sessions to provide you with online technical support. If you get stuck or have a question you can submit it much like you would in a webcast or you can submit questions in advance to If it’s something that should be handled privately you can head to a private chat with the technical expert.

Register here.