Cloud Sync Your Notes With CherryNotes

Nathan Campos is the developer behind this new app, and he wanted to let us know about it. Great idea for an app, store the notes on the device and also store/edit in the cloud. You do have the option of choosing which notes get stored in the cloud and which ones get stored on the device.

App Description:

The text editor for everyone that lives in the cloud but wants control over local and cloud text files.

The text editor of your dreams is here. With CherryNotes you can easily manage your notes and select which ones will get synced to the cloud and which ones should stay local. With one click you back up notes to the cloud and with another click bring any note from the cloud back to your device, and all the notes that are on both locations get synced effortlessly.

As a multitasker I always wanted a text editor that let me keep notes on the device but at the same time sync some of them with a cloud storage solution. After a year looking for the perfect app I couldn’t find it, so I decided to build my own, that’s how CherryNotes was invented.

Get it for 99 cents from Blackberry App World.