Evernote to be deeply integrated in BlackBerry 10

Now that the BlackBerry 10 SDK has received Gold status we should start to see some more info come out. It has started today with the PIM API that will allow for system wide integration of Evernote through the Notebook services.

This fact was pointed out by 89 Apps, as they found reference to it in the “Remember” app that will be pre-loaded in BlackBerry 10.

Notebooks let you create, store, and manipulate lists of actionable or non-actionable items. For example, you might create a notebook that represents a grocery list, which contains items to purchase. Or, you could create a notebook consisting of gifts you’d like for your birthday. You can use the Notebook APIs to add, remove, or update items in notebooks, create new notebooks, and so on.

You can essentially create four types of Notebooks:

Generic: notebook stored locally on device
ActiveSyncMemo: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Memo (note)
ActiveSyncTask: synced to your ActiveSync account as a Task (a todo item)
Evernote: synced to your Evernote account

This means that you should be able to have system wide integration of Evernote alongside Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. This may also mean that there could be even more apps that get this kind of integration in BlackBerry 10.

Source:89 Apps