Review: RHA MA-350 Aluminum Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones

When I am working out especially now with all the holiday weight gain, one thing I love to do to keep me focused and motivated is listen to music! Normally when working out I just grab the cheapest thing off the shelf and RUN with it. But this time after my last pair became an entangled mess, my BlackBerry and I haven’t been together in the gym, so I needed a solution, and I stumbled upon the RHA MA-350 Aluminum Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones! They are the best in ear phones I have enjoyed to date!

At first picking up the pair of RHA Ma-350 I wasn’t too impressed by the look but I do prefer a in ear set of headphones when working out, as I feel a little ridiculous with a set of standard over the head designs and feel they get in the way. What caught my eye was the What HI-FI sound and vision 5 Star rating it received!

Sound: First look and listening to the RHA Ma-350’s I was thoroughly impressed by the sound clarity! The bass in these headphones is not pounding to the ear, but the other sounds are enhanced given you a better listening when using these headphones. The vocals, and drums and other sounds are really clear and defined much of which I’ve never heard in my music selection prior to. I also enjoy the sound cancellation of noises from the other machines and treadmills in the gym.

Fit: They are small and fit well in my ears and don’t tend to fall out like a few other designs that I have experienced. There are three sets of silicone tips that are  included (S/M/L) to make sure you get the right size.

Look: They are a minimalist design with RHA will a bell shape trumpet earphone design, not too fancy. However I did enjoy the braided cord design definitely complementary when it comes to keeping the headset from becoming entangled.

Conclusion: These are some great in ear headphones from RHA and I really enjoy them as I only used headphones when I work out. The Aerophonic design naturally relays sound into the ear and the precision machined solid aluminum gives a great sound without overbearing the bass tones. The carrying case is welcomed, and for a solid pair of durable headphones for fewer than forty bucks you cannot go wrong. Any drawbacks from the headset would be the straight plug design which I was not a fan of considering most are an L-Shaped design set. Also I love the braided cord but this tended to create micro phonic sounds which can be reduced by wearing them on the ear. Overall a great set of headphone with rich sound and delivery that I thoroughly enjoyed along with the noise cancellations I would definitely recommend the RHA MA-350 Aluminum Noise Isolating In-Ear Earphones!

You can purchase the RHA Audio MA-350 Noise Isolating In-Ear Aluminum Earphones for $39.95