More New Hi-Res Photos of BlackBerry L-Series

Last night we got to see a great video of the L-Series in all it’s glory next to an iPhone 5 and Dev Alpha B. The coolest part of the video is where the L-Series accepts/declines incoming phone calls. There is a great animation which we originally saw in this sneak peak from BlackBerry World and it’s awesome to see it in real life as opposed to screen simulated. There’s even a cool effect when dialing numbers. Whats new is that along with that video came a slew of new high resolutions pictures for us to drool over. I’m thoroughly impressed how BlackBerry has been able to bolster support for BlackBerry 10 and build its excitement over so many months without it fizzling out, they’ve balances the show and tease very well and every new leak really has us excited. You can get your eyeballs fix on the new photos after the break #TeamBlackberry!