QNX OS to Power New Audi “MIB High” Infotainment System!

More and more automotive companies are looking to improve the overall driving experience of the cars we drive in our daily commute. Car maker Audi has chosen and Elektrobit has announced that QNX Software Systems has been chosen to provide the operating system and multimedia engine for MIB High, the next generation infotainment platform for Audi vehicles. As you remember QNX was purchased by RIM, and is the same basis for the new BlackBerry 10 system. Beyond that the new BlackBerry OS will be a platform for mobile computing. “I’m not thinking about BlackBerry being the number one smartphone, BlackBerry needs to be number one in mobile computing.” Thorsten Heins believes that RIM isn’t just building a single device right now, but an “entire mobile computing platform.” With a new mobile computing system one can only imagine what the new QNX based mobile computing platform will consist of in other venues such as automobiles. Turns out, “The Future of RIM, may have very little to do with cellphones” Hit the jump to check out the full press release.


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Joint venture between Audi Electronics Venture and EB is working full blast on the software for the new infotainment generation in the VW Group, the Modular Infotainment Toolkit (MIB High)

Erlangen, Germany, May 19, 2011 – EB (Elektrobit), leading provider of innovative embedded technology solutions for the automobile and wireless industry, has announced that e.solutions GmbH, a joint venture between Audi Electronics Venture and EB has decided upon the software suppliers of MIB High. By now, Audi top management has already been able to take the first test drives with the new infotainment system in a vehicle. This development progress shows that the decision of Audi and EB to found the joint venture e.solutions and transfer development to it was the right one.

Since its founding in mid-2009, e.solutions has grown from 50 developers to now more than 100 in its two locations of Ingolstadt and Erlangen. The company is working successfully on the software for the new generation of infotainment for the VW Group, the Modular Infotainment Toolkit (MIB High). This is designed to separate the infotainment functions into two separate hardware components. Automotive-related components with long-term stable functionality are located in the Radio&Car Control Unit (RCC). Informational and entertainment functions like navigation, connectivity, multimedia, online, and HMI that are subject to continual change are located on the multimedia module (MMX), with NVIDIA’s Tegra-2 system-on-a-chip solution. This modularization makes it possible to carry out partial re-development to react more quickly to customer requirements and changing consumer electronics, getting them into vehicles on a shorter cycle.

The joint venture took a wholly new path in the development of the High infotainment system. Until now, the development of such systems has been contracted to a supplier, who then develops the entire system. In this case, so far unique in the automobile industry, an OEM has entrusted the development responsibility of the infotainment software to a joint venture. The initial task of e.solutions was to obtain a strong, flexible network from best-in-class suppliers and determine the framework conditions for the system. The goal was to develop functions and features that differentiate the system from the competition and to integrate their own software and the supplied components into the overall system. The majority of the suppliers for the individual software functions are being announced today. They represent a global team of selected companies with long history in developing automotive systems:

–    QNX, Ottawa, Canada: Operating system, development of the media engine (multimedia components)
–    Gracenote, San Francisco, CA, USA: Metadata for multimedia applications
–    Volkswagen Electronic Research Lab, Belmont, CA, USA (a subsidiary of the VW Group): Further development of the familiar Google functions for automotive suitability
–    Parrot, Paris, France: Telephone, connectivity of mobile equipment with the infotainment system in the vehicle
–    Nuance, Aachen, Germany: Language recognition
–    SVOX, Zurich, Switzerland: Speech synthesis
–    EB, Erlangen, Germany: Navigation (EU, North America, and rest of world) and speech dialog system

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