RIM is holding a Webcast on how to develop BlackBerry 10 apps using Qt

In an effort to supplement existing tools for developers looking to use Qt, RIM will be holding a webcast this week. The webcast will cover multiple topics, as well as provide an opportunity for developers to ask questions of the experts at RIM.

Here are the details regarding the webcast on Qt.

Friday December 14th at 9 am EST with Vladimir Minenko, Technical Manager, Qt, from RIM to give developers the opportunity to learn more about how Qt is used on BlackBerry 10 and how it can be used to develop apps on the platform. Vlad will talk about getting started with the development tools and show a demo of a standard Qt Quick application running on BlackBerry 10. He’ll also discuss what to expect while porting larger and more complex Qt applications and the differences between using pure Qt UI APIs versus Cascades to build your apps.

You can register for the Webcast here.

Source:BlackBerry DevBlog