AT&T Announces BlackBerry 10 via Developer Pages!

I was just surfing the interwebs and came across a very interesting update that AT&T has made to their website… Apparently AT&T has outed the fact that they will be offering BlackBerry 10 smartphones! I found this outed information from within their developer pages. AT&T’s developer pages are set up for developers to get their hands on any information about developing applications for Android, BlackBerry, webOS and others. AT&T has all of the different BlackBerry 10 software developer kits and one very interesting thing…. Be sure to check out the full gallery below.

That one very interesting thing is a section dedicated to the introduction of BlackBerry 10:

BlackBerry 10 is an upcoming proprietary platform developed by RIM for its BlackBerry line of smartphones and tablets. The BlackBerry 10 platform supports applications written in C/C++ as well as HTML5-based applications. Apps created using BlackBerry WebWorks and HTML5 for BlackBerry OS, as well as apps created with the Native SDK for BlackBerry PlayBook OS are compatible with the BlackBerry 10 platform. More details on BlackBerry 10 including access to the SDK and other development tools are available on the BlackBerry Developer Program website. Details regarding additional BlackBerry smartphone OS versions can be found on the software update section of the BlackBerry website.

BlackBerry Platform Options

BlackBerry is an open platform that provides a variety of development languages and runtimes designed to accommodate your skills. Choose from the following options:

Native SDK: C/C++ Native SDK targets developers who have a game or app with an existing C/C++ codebase that wish to bring it to the PlayBook and BB10 platform.

WebWorks: This platform is for HTML5 developers with existing JavaScript/CSS/HTML skills who are looking to bring their app to existing BlackBerry smartphones, PlayBook and future BB10 devices.

BlackBerry Java: Build deeply integrated and rich smartphone apps targeting the millions of existing BlackBerry users.

Android Runtime: The Android Runtime enables developers to port existing Android apps and games to PlayBook and BB10, with distribution available through App World.

Adobe AIR: For developers who have an existing game or app written in Adobe AIR, this will allow you to bring your content to the PlayBook and future BB10 platform quickly.

Theme Studio: Developers can build personalized themes from scratch our use templates to guide you. Distribution is available to millions of BlackBerry smartphone users via App World.

The BlackBerry Developer Program provides documentation, sample apps, tools and SDK downloads for all BlackBerry Platforms. The BlackBerry development platform has been designed for both connectivity and security. Regarding the security component, BlackBerry keeps corporate data safe in wireless communications by using a BlackBerry Enterprise Server. This server provides a secure gateway from a wireless Internet or intranet network to any HTTP-based server accessible from the corporate network.

BlackBerry App Distribution Options

BlackBerry App World is available in over 160 markets and pre-loaded on new BlackBerry smartphones and BlackBerry PlayBook. BlackBerry App World has an addressable market of over 75 million BlackBerry subscribers worldwide. AT&T has integrated our carrier billing into BlackBerry App World, making premium content purchases simple and convenient for AT&T customers. Learn more about the advantages of BlackBerry App World and the process for submitting your application.

AT&T AppCenter is AT&T’s official app storefront for downloadable content. AT&T is currently seeking business apps for BlackBerry devices. To learn more about submitting your app to AT&T AppCenter, as well as getting your app featured on the AT&T Business AppCenter, visit our Distribute Business Apps section today.

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Is this AT&T’s first official public announcement of BlackBerry 10?? We are thinking YES! Let us know what you think in the comments!!