Video: Vivek Bhardwaj Gives Offers us the More Info on ‘Space Inference’ on the BlackBerry 10 Keyboard


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Back in November we posted a video on Space Inference in BlackBerry 10 Keyboard with Vivek Bhardwaj, Research In Motion’s senior product manager for BlackBerry 10. Now Vivek is back with a new video showing off even more on space inference on the BlackBerry 10 keyboard! Space inference is when you forget to space words properly. When you hit the space bar the keyboard in BlackBerry 10 will find and insert a space between the words that did not have spacing.

It’s no secret that BlackBerry fans love their keyboards, and for BlackBerry 10 we wanted to make sure that the typing experience is unmatched. Who better to show us around the keyboard than Vivek Bhardwaj, our Head of Software Portfolio and demo man extraordinaire!

He explained that we not only wanted to design the keyboard to be BlackBerry visually, but also to show the thought we’ve put into innovations in touch screen typing. At BlackBerry Jam Americas he told me that his favorite feature was the ability to switch between languages. Now, he’s got a new favorite – the spacebar. We’ll let him explain:

Basically, if you miss hitting the spacebar as you type, the keyboard is designed to recognize that and automatically add spaces between your words when you hit it next. This allows you to keep your train of thought and keep typing without having to go back and add spaces. Typing without interruption? Count me in.

And for those of you who love a physical keyboard, we’ll have both full touch and QWERTY models for BlackBerry 10. Let us know what you think of the BlackBerry 10 keyboard below – are you going to go QWERTY or full touch?