BlackBerry 10’s Latest Port-A-Thon Yields Over 4,000 Apps In 36 Hours. Nearing 120,000 apps in BlackBerry World

Twitter has been ablaze with great enthusiastic around the results of BlackBerry 10s latest Port-A-Thon. This time over 4,000 apps were submitted within the 36 hour long hack-a-thon. Truly amazing stuff, goes to show the momentum BlackBerry has as we near just over a month until launch. While these port-a-thons may come off as “desperate” of RIM let’s face it BlackBerry 10 is nearing the consumer gates. These last few efforts really show that the platform is well of its way to delivering a qualitative and quantitative experience for BlackBerry World customers with the launch of BlackBerry 10. It’s reported that right now BlackBerry 10 World is sitting with 117,000 apps, truly amazing!


Via: BlackBerryOS / Twitter

  • Dana

    incredible! Can’t wait for this launch