Pictures: BlackBerry L-Series Breakdown

There is a run of speculation between the Laguna/Lisbon Series BlackBerry 10 all touch and the BlackBerry 10 London. Below is a picture showing off the phones side by side and you can see the inner working are not in the same places. This is likely due for the accommodation of  different cellular antennas. N4BB claims, “The BlackBerry 10 London looks to be the global GSM phone. Whereas, the Laguna and Lisbon will be CDMA. Each device will more than likely keep similar hardware. Though, with some hardware manufacturers it isn’t unusual for European devices to differ from North American in regard to chipsets.” Hit the break for more L-Series breakdown. From the leaked slides showing off the first BlackBerry 10 super phone, and the Verge dummy unit leak oh so long ago. Here’s to BlackBerrry 1o blowing us outta the water!