Neatly Twitter Client Goes Live! Will be Available on BlackBerry 10 at Launch

Way back in November we told you about Neatly an awesome Twitter client that was headed to BlackBerry 10. F16 Apps will launch Neatly  on BlackBerry 10 at launch. Neatly is for monitoring and management of Twitter accounts to BlackBerry 10 platform.

CAIRO–(BUSINESS WIRE)– In an effort to help users combat information overload on social media sites like Twitter, Cairo-based F16Apps is introducing Neatly, smartphone mobile application that makes it easier for people to see the data that’s relevant to them. While most Twitter programs simply organize tweets by time, Neatly advances the concept by allowing users to filter tweets through a variety of preferences and topics.

“I came up with the concept for Neatly because I follow a lot of people on Twitter on my iPhone and it was hard to keep up with specific tweets I wanted to follow,” said Ahmad Essam, co-founder of F16Apps and creator of Neatly app. “No one wants to scroll through Twitter all day looking for specific information. Neatly has many user interface features that create feeds based on users’ activities to save time.”

Below are the unique Twitter features offered by Neatly application:

  • Smart timeline. This timeline shuffles user preferences and gets important items closer to the top of the feed.
  • Topics timeline. Neatly groups similar topics in context/content together in a single area to save lot of time and to avoid noise and redundancy.
  • Super list. Twitter lists have proven to be important so Neatly has added smart/topics timeline to each of them.
  • Advanced profile. Neatly studies other people’s profiles and illustrates what you share in common plus your spam/influence/etc. on the network.
  • Non- interrupting experience. Most of our error messages and inquiry happen in a manner that helps users to proceed on Twitter without any interruptions.
  • Advanced Mute. Users can mute certain followers/topics/sources. For example, a user can mute tweets coming from an app like Foursquare or a user can mute tweet
  • Visual marker. Users can assign colors to followers, topics and hashtags; so that be able to spot quickly on the tweets of what you have selected, you just add the word and set a color, it will be easily spotted when skimming the timeline.

Neatly is currently available for iPhone, Nokia S^3 and Nokia Asha. Neatly will be available soon for iPad, Android-based devices and BB10 consecutively.


Check out Neatly via their website

Via: BBin