Decoding Brings Retro-Styled HTML5 Games to the BlackBerry 10 Storefront

Many don’t understand the value of HTML5. As a programming language it seeks to supersede multiple languages like HTML 4, XHTML as well as DOM 2 allowing developers to write one code base and bring it to multiple platforms. While still growing it is a feature rich platform unto itself taking note of the trends occurring on the internet and mobile. Since the release of iPhone we’ve all gone a bit app crazy. But before there were apps there was the Browser. An engine that could crunch through data packets and deliver a plethora of content from multi-media to news to games and beyond. The browser is arguably the greatest app ever built. As HTML5 comes to light a lot of companies like FaceBook and Wunderlist have dropped their support of HTML5 and chose to build native apps using the various SDKs on the given platforms. But HTML5 is not to blame, Google and Apple are to blame. Until their web browsers improve and support the open standards of HTML5 the apps they build cannot run as well as native ones.

This status-quo goes out the door with BlackBerry 10. BB10 features the greatest browser ever built in terms of support for HTML5 even besting desktop browsers like Safari and Chrome. To expand upon that strength even further BlackBerry has implemented an entire HTML5 based SDK called ‘WebWorks‘ using the Web-Kit engine that runs underneath Google Chrome, Safari, and now the BlackBerry 10 browser, the WebWorks SDK can deliver really rich content using HTML5 the likes of which the competitions offerings cannot match. With that preface I’d like to introduce you to Decoding, an application vendor who is building retro-style HTML5 games for the BlackBerry 10 platform utilizing the WebWorks SDK.

decoding-8naAiming to set the standard for HTML5 games. The developers at Decoding are submitting 12 titles for BlackBerry 10. 3 of those are live in BlackBerry World for Dev Alpha owners to get their hands on, and are free to download. While BlackBerryOS got a sneak preview of one of their upcoming titles Turtle Jump, NerdBerry has a sneak peek of another, as of yet unreleased title Space Crusaders which looks to be quite the treat more on that at the end of this article.

First up is Pirates of the Galaxy:

potgPirates of the Galaxy is a retro style space shooter game for BlackBerry 10. Captain Zolo and his crew are out on a journey in their flying ship to liberate planets from bad aliens. Enjoy policing the galaxy while playing this remarkable game.


Match up is a retro styled memory matching game. Test your memory with this radiant puzzle game!


Untangle retro is a classic untangle puzzle game. The aim is to untangle all the wires. A complete interactive puzzle game! Try not to get tangled yourself.



The apps above can be found by checking out their Vendor Portal on BlackBerry App World


Below we have an image gallery with the apps running buttery smooth on the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha A:




And lastly the sneak preview of Decoding’s ‘Space Crusader’




Check back as we’ll have an interview with one of the developers coming soon to NerdBerry! You can find their website and many other apps here [] and welcome them to the BlackBerry Dev community on their twitter @DecodingTech