Marmalade Quick Beta helps you make BlackBerry 10 apps in a fraction of the time

While many developers have started to use Marmalade to develop their BlackBerry 10 apps and games, there is now the Marmalade Quick Beta that will allow devs to speed up the process. The Quick Beta allows you to make 2D apps and games in a fraction of the time, which will hopefully help developers get those BlackBerry 10 apps made.

Marmalade Quick allows you to:

-Create 2D, BlackBerry 10 ready games and apps
-Develop apps with little or no knowledge of platform specific languages, API’s or tools
-Use Lua, a truly RAD scripting language that already powers hundreds of games and apps
-Work within a best-in-class open-source framework and well proven components including Cocos2d-x and Box2D, powered by a huge community
-Make use of a wealth of supporting resources
-Deploy to all platforms supported by your licence including BlackBerry
-Marmalade Quick is free for all Marmalade developers

What’s new & improved for the Beta version?

-Ability to develop Marmalade Quick apps on Mac as well as Windows
-Better debugging information and support
-Automatic scaling of content across screen resolutions
-General bug fixing
-Download it for Windows or Mac and start making great apps for Blackberry 10 in a fraction of the time!