Thorsten Heins, RIM Confident In Blackberry 10

As he should be. Mr.Heins did an interview with CNBC about the upcoming platform and had a few things to say. The interview was actually done after the report on RIM’s positive quarterly earnings.

“[RIM has] 79 million BlackBerry subscribers on BlackBerry OS devices and that service revenue is not going to go away,” Heins told “Squawk Box”.

Mr Heins also said:
“The transition period from BlackBerry 7 to BlackBerry 10 is going to be probably one-and-a-half to two years.” There are still people using older Blackberry OS’ including 5 and 6. So it is not surprising that RIM will still offer support for Blackberry 7 even after launching Blackberry 10. Plus it might take longer for some users to upgrade to the new platform. He made a point to say :”Sales of BlackBerry 7 devices are still very strong in many regions.” So it would be stupid of RIM to cut ties with OS 7, as you know Blackberry is very popular in Indonesia and the Philippines.

“We are transitioning. We are not stopping, we are not halting, we are not disrupting. We are transitioning .. towards the next generation of BlackBerry devices and services”.

And the part about RIM and Heins being confident about Blackberry 10? ” Blackberry 10 is prepared well and is going to be executed well.”

Watch the interview over at CNBC.