Touch (PingChat) Updated to v3.4, Introduces Collaborative Photo Albums

Remember PingChat? Well its back but this time around it has evolved into a core part of Touch.  Yes the awesome cross-platform multi-messaging application for your BlackBerry Smartphone has been updated and refaced in the new Touch design. Hit the jump to update and or download Touch for free!

For PingChat! users, after updating from PingChat! to Touch, your PingChat! account will seamlessly upgrade to Touch and all of your contacts will stay intact. You will be able to message any friends still on PingChat! as you would before.

When we re-launched as Touch 3.0, we introduced the concept of Experiences for the first time. Experiences is our term for a core feature that lets Touch users share an album of photos with a group of friends. Until now Experiences were not very dynamic, nor were they collaborative. A new Experience had to be shared each time there was a new collection of photos, and the Experience was controlled by one owner.

With Touch 3.4, we are re-introducing Experiences and letting users create shared, real-time photo albums with selected friends and family. Each member is now considered a “part of the experience”, and members can capture and share moments as they happen.

It’s easy to imagine the possibilities of having a private, shared, collaborative and dynamic photo album that integrates directly into users’ phones. With the holiday season on the horizon, friends and families can capture powerful memories as photos are taken, edit and collaborate on their albums as a group, and keep a high quality photo album for years to come.

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