Video made with BlackBerry 10 Story Maker, JayCut coming to life on BB10!

On July 22, 2011. RIM announced the acquisition of JayCut a premier online video editing service that licensed out their tools to a variety of companies and websites. For instance the Oprah Winfrey network used the software to allow their viewers to add their own contributions and video clips to create a professional video for use in her talk show program. JayCut had some decent competition over the years but their built in cloud services which allowed download and publishing of editing and content made them ripe for RIMS picking.

As the PlayBook and BlackBerry 10 represent a shift toward an intensely multimedia focused platform–JayCut bringing their video editing capabilities really expands the that multimedia experience for Blackberry customers. We’ve seen bits and glimpses of the purported ‘Story Maker’ app being built for BlackBerry 10 to allow an integrated video editing solution out of the box for BB10 phones at no extra cost. (Unlike iMovie for the iOS platform that costs 4.99$) Today N4BB has posted a video purported as a ‘final cut’ from a video edited with the Story Maker app. “Story Maker will have certain themes you can use as a base to create videos. It will let you upload your photos and video directly and has pre-loaded music samples.” Check out that video below: