Breaking: BBM Voice Works Without SIM/Blackberry Data Plan

Very interesting news this evening. A friend of mine @jjcub3d just upgraded from his 9800 to a Samsung Gs3 (BOO!) While exploring his SIM-less BlackBerry he noticed that the BBM Voice icon was still green. If you know anything about BBM, it requires both a BlackBerry Data Plan and the attached SIM for BBM messages to send. This does not seem to be the case with BBM Voice, which works solely over Wifi via BlackBerry ID. While you can turn your mobile coverage off regular BBM will still work, that’s because of BIS working securely through your Wifi connection. I pulled out my SIM and tried to call and truth be told it works! Two BlackBerrys without a SIM cards can still talk crystal clear using BBM Voice and the BBs over Wifi. SUPER COOL news! 

This makes perfect sense and further supports the idea of BBM Desktop. Seeing as our laptops won’t have a BlackBerry Data plan for BBM to work in its entirety it needs to be able to do so over Wifi. Furthermore this is what Heins meant about service revenue–the whole model is changing as BlackBerry revolutionizes their offering with the future of BlackBerry 10. Sound off in the comments!