BlackBerry 10 Keyboard SDKs Coming In New Year – No Delays To QWERTY Device

There have been all kinds of rumors as to whether or not the N-Series BlackBerry 10 would be released later than expected.  The rumor was given a little more thought when the arrival boards that RIM has been using to keep developers in the loop about BlackBerry 10, showed the “KEYBOARD SUPPORT” SDKs as going from “DEC On-Time” to “DEC Delayed” and then finally “TBD PLANNING”.  Now this seems like some bad news, but not if you look at it from RIM’s perspective.

According to investigation that Berryreview did, RIM decided to postpone the release of the Keyboard SDKs for BlackBerry 10 in an effort to not overwhelm developers.  You can also see how releasing the SDKs alongside the BlackBerry Dev Alpha C device make perfect sense.  RIM also made it clear that there is no change on their end in the launch dates of the N-Series BlackBerry 10 device as they have previously stated numerous times.