Add A Video Camera Shortcut On Your PlayBook Thanks To SCrApps

If you have a BlackBerry PlayBook you may have been wondering why there is no shortcut on your homescreen for the video camera.  Sure there is a shortcut for the camera, but sometimes you just need to quickly record a video, and this is where Free Video Camera from SCrApps comes into play.  It is a free app from AppWorld that will let you easily and quickly access the video camera on your PlayBook straight from the home screen.  Hit the break to read the full description and to grab the app the from AppWorld.

Item Description
After creating the awesome BlackBerry® PlayBook™ app, App Drawer, I got to wondering why there wasn’t an icon for the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ video camera. I mean, we all use the BlackBerry® PlayBook™ video camera right? So why do we have to launch the Camera app, and then switch to the video camera?
So for those of us who want a Video Camera icon for our BlackBerry® PlayBook™, I present to you: Video Camera (creative name, right?).
Video Camera performs just one function: it launches the Video Camera. (I hope you caught that from the name).
The first time you run it, you get a screen thanking you for downloading Video Camera (polite of me eh?) and recommending that you try App Drawer. This popup only shows the first time you run Video Camera.

Download Video Camera from SCrApps for Free from AppWorld