RIM Files Patent To Prevent “Inconspicuous Use Of Cameras”

The idea of IT espionage is noting new, and RIM has even been at the wrong end of a “Mr. Blurrycam” photo or two.  Well RIM has submitted a patent on tech that will prevent “inconspicuous use of cameras” on their devices.  The idea is that the user will be required to maintain focus on the item being photographed for a pre-determined amount of time.  The focus length is programmed by the IT department and will hopefully help to prevent leaked documentation or designs.

RIM has always catered to the enterprise market, by making duplicate models of their devices without cameras completely.  However in this day and age it does seem a little odd to buy phones that do not have cameras, so this new tech will allow for companies IT departments to have much more control over what their employees are taking pictures of. You can check out the full patent filing at the source link below.