RIM Targets VoIP Developers With Addition of PJSIP Libraries to BlackBerry 10

There is no doubt that RIM has been puling out all the stops in trying to lure developers to the BlackBerry 10 platform.  Their latest targets are VoIP developers for whom they have added PJSIP open source SIP libraries to BlackBerry 10.

If you haven’t already heard, RIM’s subscriber base just grew to 80 million users — and of those users, 60 million use BlackBerry Messenger (BBM). If you are thinking about growing your user base, why not just port your existing VoIP solution to BlackBerry 10?

For VoIP developers, how can this be possible? Well, it’s simple: BlackBerry 10 is powered by a QNX operating system, and you can benefit from this POSIX-compliant platform by porting open source libraries – whether that is PJSIP/PJMEDIA or your existing propriety VoIP stack.

This method was demonstrated by the way in which TruFone brought their app over to BlackBerry 10.  Hopefully these additions will be seen favourably by developers, which in turn will mean that we will see more apps available on BlackBerry 10.  For all the details on how the PJSIP libraries are incorporated in BlackBerry 10 just hit the source link below.

Source:BlackBerry DevBlog