BlackBerry 10 Smartphones Have An “Approx. Retail Value of $700 Cdn” According To Bell

If you dig within the terms and conditions of the Bell BlackBerry 10 contest we just told you about, you will find that Bell has given the BlackBerry 10 smartphones they are giving away an approx. retail value of $700 Cdn.  Now we need to remember that this is an approximate value, as I am sure Bell does not want to reveal the true cost prior to RIM’s announcement on the 30th.

However the $700 price tag does fall in line with high-end smartphones, so we can imagine that it will fall somewhere within the $600-$700 range.  This also means that we can expect a relatively hefty subsidized price as well when buying on a plan.  Lucky for all of us we only have 26 days left of waiting before we know for sure.