[Updated With Workaround] BlackBerry Navigator Working on a AT&T Torch 9810

**Update** –  So the work around method we spoke of has been proven to work on multiple devices.  All you have to do is go into your Beta Zone profile and change your address to a valid UK address.  This method has proven to work on GSM devices from multiple countries around the world.  Now I think inputing a fake address into your Beta Zone profile goes against the terms and conditions you agreed to, so be aware of this before doing it.

We have jus received a tip that there is a work around for the UK exclusive BlackBerry Navigator app that has hit the Beta Zone.  It was made clear that the Navigator app was only going to work for BlackBerry users in the UK, however we have been informed the app can be tricked.  While we are still trying to verify the work around, there are some more screen shots after the break of the app running on a AT&T Torch 9810.

BBNav1CaptureNux 2013-01-04 13.22.18

We will update you all once we can confirm everything about the workaround and whether it will work on only GSM devices, or if it can be hacked to work on CDMA ones as well.