Another Dev Alpha Lands On eBay

Last week we reported on a Dev Alpha that landed on eBay and was selling for a ridiculous price.  Well it has happened again, and this time it is currently at a bid of over $2k.  I am not really sure why anyone would want to pay that much for a Dev Alpha this close to the launch of BlackBerry 10.  I suppose it is a collector’s item of sorts, even though RIM has handed out quite a few over the last year, but remember that it illegal for someone to be selling one of these.  At the moment there is no clue as to whether or not it is a Dev Alpha A or B, but either way the price is out there.

If you are desperate for a Dev Alpha and has some spare cash lying around you can hit up the source link below and get a bid in.  Or for those of us that are just amazed at the current bid price, check out the link to see what it finally sells for.