BlackBerry Z10 Cases Show up, Already on Sale on Ebay!

With the official announcement of the new BlackBerry 10 devices slated for January 30 we have been anticipating, when we would have cases and other accessories available to show off and to protect our new devices. Case Mate even has shown off their line of Refined and Crafted Cases for BlackBerry 10.

Now it seems that the londonmagicstore-usa has already begun to get a jump on a few other accessory providers. They already are offering not only the hard shell cases, but making them a bundle by including a screen protector and a stylus with your purchase. Hit the jump to get the full listing and to check out a few more cases for your BlackBerry Z10 device!

Item Description

  • Perfect fit to your Z10 BB 10.
  • Slim fit snap-on add style to your Z10 BB 10..
  • Prevent your Z10 BB 10. from bumps and scratches.
  • Made from high quality durable Polycarbonate material.
  • Stylus/Ultra clear screen protector & Cleaning cloths included.

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