Microsoft Killing Off Windows Live Messenger Moving to Skype

Even though we currently do not have a full video chat 3rd party application available for BlackBerry, Oovoo has jump on board and letting us know that they will indeed have a BlackBerry 10 application ready to go. Beyond that instant messaging on a BlackBerry go hand in hand especially with BBM. But the future of other messaging services such as Microsoft Live Messenger will not be included. Microsoft, owner of Skype, has announce that they are killing off the Microsoft Live Messenger service as of March 15th and that the new messaging service will be that of Skype. This doesn’t come as a surprise as when installing and updating Skype on your desktop computer it automatically uninstalls the Live Messenger application and transfers your new contacts to the Skype application.

We welcome the move to Skype we just hope this move will make it to BlackBerry 10