A Look At LinkedIn Integration On BlackBerry 10

We have known for a while now that Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn are going to be deeply integrated into BlackBerry 10.  We have seen some videos from the Inside BlackBerry Blog that have shown off how these apps will display in the BlackBerry Hub, and it looks like this integration will be one of the major selling features of BlackBerry 10 to the end-user.  The gang over at BlackBerryOS decided to give a look at how LinkedIn is integrated on their Dev Alpha device, while the BlackBerry Hub is not totally available on the Dev Alpha the pictures after the break do give you a pretty good idea of how the LinkedIn app will work.  So hit the break to check out some pics of the BlackBerry 10 LinkedIn app.

If you are unsure of what each pic is, and how it relates to the overall experience of the LinkedIn app, just hit up the source link for the step by step walk through that BBOS did.